Golden Springs, Alabama

Real Estate Agent, Golden Springs, AL

Golden Springs, AL  is really the hidden gem of Anniston, AL! Right outside of downtown Anniston, AL and a short drive from Oxford, AL, Golden Springs is a quiet little community with a family friendly atmosphere. You get all the amenities of being within the city without having to contend with downtown living. Several quaint businesses and restaurants make Golden Springs an ideal area to explore when looking for homes for sale in Anniston! 

.If you are looking to buy or sell in this area, please allow me to be the realtor in Golden Springs that you choose! Here are some facts about this area: 

Golden Springs Demographic Facts as of 2010 Census Data: 

Price data for past year in Anniston City school district

  • Average sell price for 3BR/2BA = $97,646 (76 total houses sold)

  • Average sell price for 3BR/1BA = $43,191 (12 total houses sold)

  • Average sell price for 2BR/1BA = $28,800 (22 total houses sold)

  • Average sell price for 3BR/2BA manufactured home = (0 total houses sold)

Large Employers Located In/Near Golden Springs, Alabama:

The following large employers are located within, or just a short distance from Golden Springs, Alabama, making it one of the ideal places to consider in your real estate search!

  • Honda Manufacturing

  •  Anniston Army Depot

  •  Jacksonville State University

  •  Gadsden State University

  •   Regional Medical Center in Anniston 

  • B.R. Williams Trucking and Logistics 

  • BAE Systems 

  • Wellborn Cabinets 

  • Lee Brass Company

  • New Flyer

Local Businesses and Restaurants: 

Golden Springs is home to several local restaurants & businesses. Included in this list are: 

Secondary Education Opportunities:

Golden Springs is a short drive from 3 university campuses: 

  • Gadsden State University 

  • Jacksonville State University 

  • and The University of Alabama Gadsden Center.  

This makes Golden Springs a GREAT location to consider in your house search or quest for realty investment opportunities!

Golden Springs, Alabama offers beautiful and diverse real estate listings! Whether you are  searching for the perfect house, or looking to invest in multi family homes, or townhouses for sale, Golden Springs is an extremely affordable and accessible area to consider.


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