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Home to the Valley Cubs and birthplace of the valley dawg (a special hot dog ONLY served at the Alexandria school sporting events), Alexandria, AL is one of the awesome communities to consider when buying a house or property in Calhoun County! Wanting to invest in townhouses or muti family homes for sale? Alexandria is a GREAT location for that as well!

Located just a short drive from Gadsden, Anniston, and Jacksonville, Alexandria is a great community to consider when searching for real estate for sale in Calhoun County, Alabama!   

Alexandria is a great location to consider in Calhoun County when wanting to buy, and a great place to list a house or property for sale as well! Let me be your real estate agent in Alexandria!

Alexandria Demographic Facts as of July 2020:

Price data for past year in Alexandria school district: 

  • Average sell price for 3BR/2BA = $135,894 (29 total houses sold)

  • Average sell price for 3BR/1BA = $87,450 (2 total houses sold)

  • Average sell price for 2BR/1BA = (0 total houses sold)

  • Average sell price for 3BR/2BA manufactured home = $81,416 (6 total houses sold)

Large Employers Located Near Alexandria:

The following large employers are just a short distance from Alexandria, Alabama, making it one of the ideal places to consider in your house search!

  •  Honda Manufacturing

  •  Anniston Army Depot

  •  Jacksonville State University

  •  Gadsden State University

  •   Regional Medical Center in Anniston 

  •  Gadsden Regional Medical Center

Local Businesses and Restaurants:

Alexandria is full of great local businesses and restaurants! Included in this list are:

  •  Wright’s Dairy – A family owned dairy farm boasting in high quality butter and cheese for over sixty years! Wright’s Dairy provides much of the cheese and butter used in local restaurants throughout Alexandria and Calhoun County!

  •  Cutter’s Pizzeria and Wings – Cutter’s features delicious hand tossed, deep dish, Chicago style, cracker crust, gluten free, AND a special in-house pizza known as the “pie”! They also offer calzones, wings, salad, and pasta! Dine-in, Door Dash delivery, and carry out are offered!

  • Tacos & Tequila Mexican Restaurant – Get your street taco & queso fix at this highly recommended eatery. Lunch specials offered daily! Dine-in and carry out available.

  •   Crave Café – Local dining that has a little bit of everything! Crave features daily traditional specials and desserts! Dine-in and carry out available!

  • Alexandria Foodland - One of the best places to get to cater your next event, make your custom cakes, or just grab groceries for the week! Alexandria Foodland offers small town shopping and an atmosphere not found in big box stores.

  • All About You, Hair, Skin & Nails salon - The best salon to get that custom look and pampering experience! All About You offers many salon services at affordable prices!

Secondary Education Opportunities:

Alexandria is just a short drive from 3 major university campuses! This makes Alexandria a GREAT location to consider in your house search or quest for realty investment opportunities!

 These secondary education institutions include:

  • Jacksonville State University

  • Gadsden State University

  •  The University of Alabama Gadsden Center 

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